Sunday, December 26

Old Friend on Christmas 2010

Yesterday went out with kun to watch a movie “Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale” was a great romance fairy tale made by Disney worth watching for family or couple out there must give it a try, we have Jap food at ichiban then after take a walk around Jurong Point. That all for the day.

Today Christmas service started at 10am and I was late, when i found myself a wake from receiving a call from Ernest, then Steph was late too so we meet up and took a cab down and steph paid for it. how rare will you even get to see her paid for such a expensive payment. well that would be the 2nd good thing she ever did in my life!!!! the first was a cheese cake back in poly time.

Left woodland at 10am.... She was currying a lot of gifts. Went we reached we enter the service and we totally darkness, I couldn’t see a thing not event the floor....
and we manage to find our self a seat, after the drama were full of surprise and magic performance, ended with Jesus Christ was born.

Then saw a back view of a person down the first row that seem so familiar to me, it was HER, “Lynn” and Steph told me it was her and she was sick, having a cold.... Well couple of year haven saw her, she look prettier as always with her Santa hat on her head.

After she gave her gift and told about my present she took a look at me and totally couldn’t see me as if I have changed a lot. Well to me she herself has changed quite a lot too.

Then we went off to find the other guy, went to Adriel place to have Canadian Pizza and watched 2 movies follow by dinner and shopping at Junction 8.
Nothing much this year on Christmas day, and the same old life once again, lonely Christmas time of the year.

Monday, August 16

Test & Adobe Premiere CS5

16 Aug 2010 Took day off need to go to Digipen which is my up coming school to take a test of maths .... man everything have gone back to school .... take a look at the test paper super hard for me. after that went to Funan DigitaLife Mall to look for adobe photoshop and i bought it at S$1250.00 .... here a look and i reach home found out i need a OS of 64bit to run mine only 32bit window 7..... SAD_SAD need window 7 cd 64bit and also need to reformat and backup all my data.

Friday, August 13

Week of Work

10 Aug 2010 went over to XILINX building to work lol citi company is everywhere ....
saw this on the door of the stuff room photo it down read the image :D

12 Aug 2010 my album form jap finally arrived at my home :D is was in a cardboard case =_=
Yeah 疾風船 rock :D

13 Aug 2010 first day of my job at Millenia Tower :D great view from the 21 floor of the building :> when i was waiting for the computer to load up i took this >

Saturday, August 7

Working Life Style

02 Aug 2010

have my Favorite pasta for $5 at the first floor of the company building :D yummy

04 Aug 2010

While i was waiting for company bus taking me to tampines mrt station an YOG bus in red arrived and it was out company bus too lol. shocking :W

20 cent per drink Vending Machines :D what a great way to save money and thirst

06 Aug 2010

i have been assigned to 8th floor i never been there and need to setup 3 new laptop and a desktop lol take a while for it to load and chatted with the stuff there :D it look so cool at the 8th floor check out this intere design of the mini kitchen.

Sunday, August 1


i recently order a music cd @
to support my friend in jap his offical website

i also use some of his song in my PLF game if you happen to download you will know this song too.

Group Name : 疾風船

this is one of his best song :D

now awaiting for the cd to arrive to my home.strong>

Wednesday, July 28

Back to blogging

Is been a very long time i haven blog :D lastest update was i finally lunch my game Platform Little Fighter can check it out at

Currenlty working on a new game and also updating the PLF game too.

This week monday just started working with alvin in fijusu company doing maigrading for CitiBank company at changie bissinuss park near expo.... taking bus and train there was so long. after that went all the way to boon lay to get my hair cut and dye at my friend house, it was so cool he had ipad so let me hands on, pretty cool but was kind of lag surfing the internet on youtube!!!

last week satday after service our cg first time went to bukit mara to eat !!! guess what we have bread for dinner :D >>>>

Friday, February 13

Flying To Burien

Hi people i miss all of you !!! got time pls do meet up with me. i going off today to Burien laio will be back in 2 week time lol ....

Hope can see all of you. is been a very long time i didn't meet up with any friend already ~ hope to do it so this year hehehehe

Fly Time : 14 Feb 2009 : 0200HR Changie Airport T2~_+~

See you guys~

Saturday, September 27

Back To Blogging

Many many event have pass and i didn't have time to blog them all. only blog for today first. today wake up late at noon .... played Arms Combat for a while, it was a nice and free game guys should try playing it, then went run all the way to take bus 168 to church end up missed the bus at the station just nice it was red light so it was down to me and the bus see who will reach the next bus stop, as the light turn green i spring all the way to the bus stop just in time to board it.

but then found out short of 10cent and i have to bag for $.... after that i was late went i reach so get off the bus and took a cab down....

well i worth it all to came all the way to meet god ! after that BB drive us to his house to buy food but i have to meet STEPH for something as i prmoise her so took a cab back to woodgrove and chatted until i meantion her again..... my heart start aching again wondering went will i ever see her. i have been traning so hard day and night in amry hope one day can show it to her that i have change :D till now i'm so no mood and tired of my life .... hope to be better next morning till here blog out

sweet dream guys...

Friday, December 28

New Year 2008 Celebration

27 Dec
At around 3pm after we eat our lunch we went to watch the Post Christmas Celebration. It is very exciting. There were rock band playing Linkin Park song “No More Sorrow” and even anime show and many more. Our SG people also performance the dance and a band playing the song ”Last Christmas”. Didn’t bring the teacher camera to record down but did record some on my camera.

Rehearsing the entire group, there are 3 group the starting, school and work. I’m in the work group so I and Julian edit the PowerPoint slide. With some nice effect, before that we have a meeting of our group to discuses how to improve after we saw the performances in the afternoon.

28 Dec
In the afternoon we went to watch the show and also is time for our performance in the back stage so nervous, well acting infont of hundreds of people but that a horror for me lol… been acting silly and doing funny action is one hard and fun job.

After that acting we went to Silk Road to shopping again.

Wednesday, December 26

Christmas Rehearsing

Rehearsing for the 28 Dec performance today with the school people, a bit of lost commutations here and there other then that is ok, man so hungry today after that we went to Olympic garden to eat, as we walk home the weather is so cold I even have cold sweat.

Back to room doing some video editing for our ski then have meeting in my room ~.~ after that vion come back and find me she gave me a gift for Christmas

Thanks a lot vion Thanks u really happy , after that very tired went to sleep as is was late.